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Qualcomm says it can now wirelessly charge metal phones

Qualcomm says it can now wirelessly charge metal phones

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The best phones around are increasingly being made with metal bodies and frames, which has posed an issue for wireless charging. Metal phones have had to rely on supplementary cases if they want to support this type of charging, but today Qualcomm says it can put an end to that. It announced this afternoon that it's developed a technology that allows for phones with metal rear cases to be wirelessly charged. Qualcomm doesn't say how the technology works, but it's designed to be compatible with the Rezence standard.

The beginning of the end of charging cases

Qualcomm intends to work with phone manufacturers to make sure that their metal covers allow a phone to meet its necessary power requirements. It'll also help to make sure that the cover doesn't interfere with other radios. For phone owners, there shouldn't be a noticeable difference between using this and any other wireless charger: as long as a device is within range of a charging pad, it'll get power.

The new tech is being made available today to the companies that want it. Of course, there's still a battle going on between wireless charging standards, making it hard to tell how many companies will actually be interested in choosing Rezence. At the very least, Qualcomm seems to be giving phone makers one solid reason.