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Lexus will show its hoverboard in action on August 5th

Last month, Lexus unveiled the "Slide" — an honest-to-god, working hoverboard that uses magnetic levitation and liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors to keep afloat. Now, the company says it's ready to show off the board to the public, setting the date for August 5th in this brief teaser video. Lexus isn't giving away any further details right now, but we're pretty sure it's not just cruelly pranking the internet. The Slide uses technology that's similar to working hoverboards we've tried ourselves and it seems way more substantive than hoaxes we've seen in the past. However, while all this does suggest the Slide is real, it means that the board's operation will likely be limited to specially-designed metal floors. We'll be finding out more on August 5th.

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