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Windows 10 commercials in Russia are basically Saturday morning cartoons

It's Saturday morning. You've got a bowl of cereal. You're sitting on the couch flipping through channels, looking for something good to watch. And there it is, your favorite show: The Windows 10 Fun Time Updates. You know, the show where Windows, Xbox, Cortana, Internet Explorer, and the rest of the Windows software gang are reimagined as cartoon characters who go on zany adventures.

Edge is a total hunk

They're huge stars inside their cartoon world. In this episode, Windows 10 is about to attend a big premiere, but first she has to see what's up with this new hunk named Edge who's moved into town. (The old guy she was into, Internet Explorer, was totally full of himself.) There's also a side plot with the artsy Visual Studio 2015, the adventurous Cortana, and Xbox, the youngster with a hoverboard. You didn't really love last season, but it sure seems like this one is off to a good start.

At least, I think that's what's happening in this Russian Windows 10 commercial. Whatever's happening, it's certainly much better than Microsoft's other cartoon efforts.

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