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Amazon's push-to-order Dash Buttons are now on sale for $4.99

Amazon's push-to-order Dash Buttons are now on sale for $4.99

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When Amazon announced the Dash Button back on March 31st, it seemed like an early April Fools' joke: it had made a button you can buy that would place an order for something — a single, specific product — whenever you pressed it. But the Dash Button was very real and designed to be a convenience for helping people reorder commonly used household goods, like toilet paper or laundry detergent. They were initially available for free to Prime members, but only by invitation. As of this week, they're now available to be purchased by all Prime members for $4.99 each.

There are 18 Dash Buttons so far, with buttons for Glad bags, Bounty paper towel rolls, Smartwater bottles, and Gerber baby formula, among others. Each button represents a specific brand, but from within that brand you have some choice over what product and what quantity you want to order whenever it's pressed. (That means you won't be stuck getting fruit punch Gatorade every time you press the Gatorade button and can move onto something more sensible like Glacier Freeze.) Frivolous as it is, the Dash Buttons certainly seem like a convenience for household staples that you regularly need. Just don't accidentally hit it when you're still stocked up.

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