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Here's why you'll tune into Beats 1: a Run the Jewels weekly show

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El-P wants a unicorn. Killer Mike wants a dragon. We all just want to hear more.

Fortunately, we should get plenty thanks to Beats 1. Run the Jewels are starting a show called WRTJ, which appears to have been announced this morning with a preview on Instagram. The show will be airing Fridays at 9PM ET, beginning tonight, and Pitchfork says that it'll be following the duo weekly throughout their world tour.


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Apple has managed to get a number of great, popular musicians on board for radio shows, with St. Vincent being an early highlight. Elton John, Drake, and Jaden Smith are supposed to show up eventually, as well as a number of others. Run the Jewels ought to be a great addition. Killer Mike has been a particularly powerful voice on police violence — among other social issues — recently, so it's pretty exciting that we'll all have a recurring opportunity to hear about whatever's on his mind.