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Here, uses lasers to rave in a Lexus

Here, uses lasers to rave in a Lexus

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My name is This is the story of my harrowing escape from Lexus Island.

I had just finished making the dope Puls smartwatch and I was looking for my next challenge. So I told Lexus I want to make a laser wall thing that lights up some more lasers, spotlights, fog, and whatnot when you walk through it.

william lexus 1

They agreed, but only on the condition that I would mind meld with one of their new SUVs. I thought that was an ill request and something I had never heard from a tech company before. Obviously I was down.

william lexus 2

But as the night wore on I grew concerned that Lexus was trying to steal my creative vibe for its own nefarious purposes. I had to get out. My crew and I piled into our exciting, all-new Lexus NX and hit the gas, but the beats just weren't funky enough. Let me be clear: I'm not going anywhere without funky beats.

william lexus 2

We'd failed. My crew and I were dejected. It seemed like my only option was to become Lexus' chief creative officer or director of innovation.

Then I had a brilliant idea — the kind of idea only someone like myself,, could have. What if we drove... backwards? Would that have a positive impact on the funkiness of the beats?

"Let's get it started," I said, which is what I usually say when I'm about to do something.

william lexus 5

Success! I'd escaped, leaving a trail of Elephunk B-sides in my wake. I'd lived to make another smartwatch, another Peas album, another pair of ill.i.optics sunglasses.

Another victory for beat dropping, another crushing defeat for my enemies.

william lexus 7