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The Knick heads to San Francisco for its second season in a new teaser

It's coming back to Cinemax this October

The Knick is headed back to Cinemax for another season's worth of gory, gripping surgery drama, and its scalpels, sutures, and smocks might be moving west. Steven Soderbergh's turn-of-the-century medical series, which follows lead surgeon Dr. John Thackery (Clive Owen) and staff at a New York hospital during the dawn of modern medicine, was widely acclaimed upon its premiere last fall. (We called it "bloody, brutal, and brilliant.") That acclaim translated into five Emmy nominations this year, including a nod for Soderbergh's directorial work.

Thanks to the teaser trailer above, we know that some of the new season's action will take place in San Francisco, a major shift given the first season's setting. There isn't much plot revealed in the teaser, but it's another hit of the stylized shotmaking that rendered the first season so unique. Soderbergh spared no detail in bringing New York c. 1900 to life, and it'll be fascinating to see San Francisco recreated with the same precision. The second season is set to premiere on October 16th.