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Over one million people want to buy a OnePlus 2, maybe

It seems a lot of people are at least somewhat interested in buying a OnePlus 2. The new phone, an impressive yet inexpensive device from Chinese startup OnePlus, has prompted over a million people to register an invitation to buy it just 72 hours after the company started soliciting customers.

Of course, that's very different from actually laying down money for the phone — even if you do get a lot for your $329 — and there's no indication when invites will actually be sent out to these potential customers. Invites were scarce for the OnePlus One, so a lot of people are no doubt signing up as early as possible even if they're not sure they want to buy the new device.

The OnePlus 2 is set to start shipping in August; hopefully OnePlus will have enough stock to go around this time.