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Bill Nye is halfway to funding a documentary about his life as The Science Guy

William Sanford Nye, better known as Bill Nye the Science Guy to his many fans, is one of the foremost ambassadors of science in our modern times. Alongside Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nye has done much to make scientific topics relatable and entertaining to a mainstream audience. Now, a pair of filmmakers wants to document the Science Guy's TV career and subsequent rise to internet fame in a new documentary. They've got the man himself recruited for the project and are seeking $650,000. With 13 days still to go, 6,189 Kickstarter backers have already taken the funding past the $340,000 mark.

bill nye

A $5 contribution to the Bill Nye film campaign nets backers a Twitter shout-out from Bill Nye himself, plus a look behind the scenes as the picture is being developed. At $10, you'll get a Bill Nye-themed emoji set, or at $25 you can secure access to be the first to stream the movie when it's done, with the anticipated delivery date being June 2017. Spend $10,000 on this campaign and Bill will come teach a science class in your school. The main reward for helping the Bill Nye movie happen, though, is the celebration of a long and successful career of true public service. As Neil Tyson puts it, "anybody who wants to 'Change the World' ought to have a film made about them."