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Windows 10 from inside Microsoft

Article on the Verge accessing Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore, Gabriel Aul and Phil Spencer is a must read.

Tom Warren (Dieter Bohn and Michael Zelenko), that is an excellent piece of writing. Great photography as well by David Ryder! Visually clean and sharp looking too (images exactly the same height of my Surface Pro 3)


Key points to notice from the article

  • Feedback
    • Feedback is out in the open, positive and negative, and everyone talked to takes feedback very seriously.
    • Teams responsible to act on feedback collects and uses all they can from insiders and going forward users of Windows 10, but also monitoring what is written in social media and on the web in general. They use all that massive amount of information in visual analyzing tools. That really show how serious they take working with feedback to build these kind of tools, but hey that is what Microsoft is all about -> DO work !
  • Ballsy Microsoft
    • Windows 8 touchcentric paradigm was a big step forward, and alienated many users (personally I still find it excellent on touchdevices using keyboard shortcuts)
    • Windows 10 out in open feedback (there is a lot of negativity out there) was a ballsy move again.

I like Gabriel Auls Red button :D

What do you think of the New Microsoft vs the picture this article by Eli Schiff depicts of Apple?
From a consumers perspective.