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Google Glass will have a new snap-on design, says WSJ

Google is reportedly working on a new "Enterprise Edition" of its augmented reality Google Glass headset that has a few new hardware improvements. While 9to5Google originally revealed some details on the updated hardware earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reports that the new version doesn't have a wire-like frame. Aimed at businesses, the new Google Glass reportedly features a button-and-hinge system to attach it to different glasses.

Previous reports suggested that the new model is foldable like a normal pair of glasses, so it's possible there could be slight variations or models. The new version is also said to be water resistant and more durable, which makes sense given its aim to be used by businesses in factories, warehouses, or other work environments where the tiny computer could get damaged. WSJ backs up 9to5Google's details around improved battery life and a larger prism to project the display into a users' field of vision. Google is also reportedly developing a battery pack that connects magnetically to provide additional power. The new version of Glass is said to be under testing with developers, with an aim to have businesses using the device by the end of the year.