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Nvidia recalls all Shield Tablets due to battery fire hazard

Nvidia promised spectacular, unprecedented gaming performance from its 8-inch Shield Tablet last year, but its pursuit of extreme performance seems to have gone a tiny bit too far. The company is now recalling its first Android tablet device due to a potential fire hazard posed by the battery, which can overheat. No details are provided about the circumstances in which the problem might arise, though Nvidia is being extra cautious and "asking consumers to stop using the recalled tablet, except as needed to participate in the recall and back up data."

When it launched the Shield Tablet, Nvidia made a big deal out of the extra thermal dissipation of its design, claiming it was double what you'd get from a typical tablet. So the Shield Tablet was deliberately designed to handle greater loads and heat than usual, but apparently its battery hasn't lived up to the same high standards. Nvidia has set up a replacement program and a dedicated website to help owners of Shield Tablets purchased between July of last year and today swap their faulty devices.