New trailers: Beasts of No Nation, Black Mass, The 33, and more

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Usually I try to keep our weekly trailer roundup at least modestly focused, but I just couldn't do it this week. The trailers are all over the place. Some are amazing. Some are too huge to ignore. And some are just totally bizarre. Please do your best to enjoy the ones that feel right for you. Oh, but also watch the trailer for Room — I think that's the one I'm most impressed with this week. There are 14 in all.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

What do you do after directing a fourth Transformers film? Decide to tackle Benghazi. It's not the subject anyone expected to see next from Michael Bay, but he's taking his typically huge explosions and battle sequences over to Libya to take on a more serious subject. The results are as grim and grand as you'd expect from a combination like this. The film comes out January 15th.

Beasts of No Nation

So this is what happens when Netflix does movies. Beats of No Nation is about a boy in West Africa who's forced to become a child solider, and this first trailer shows just what a gut-wrenching look the film is taking at that gruesome world. Idris Elba stars and Cary Fukunaga, of True Detective season one fame, directs. It'll be on Netflix starting October 16th.

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

Here's a first look at the documentary that has Apple pretty upset. Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine focuses at Jobs' role as a hero figure and how he was often anything but. It's supposed to be a powerful look at the man behind Apple, and that's no surprise given that this documentary comes from the director of Going Clear, the documentary that shook Scientology earlier this year. The Man in the Machine comes out September 4th.

The Night Before

I don't even know where to start with this. The Night Before is the latest ludicrous manchild comedy from Seth Rogen and crew, this time with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie as his costars. It seems like the exact type of loud, crude, and energetic comedy that people love to see from Rogen's movies, so you should already know whether you're going to be into this or not. (For me, this trailer is basically just a reminder of how powerful Kanye's "Runaway" is.) The film comes out on November 25th.

The 33

The 33 is a dramatization of the mine collapse that buried 33 people deep underground in Chile back in 2010. It should be no surprise that the film is shot as one seriously inspirational story, and it's certainly one that people are going to be interested in seeing. It heads to theaters on November 13th.


This looks totally haunting and insane. Room is about a woman and her son who've been locked up in a shed for years — seemingly for the son's entire life — and their eventual escape. Watch the trailer. It's some wonderful filmmaking. The movie comes out widely in the US on November 6th.


I wrote up a long thing about Spotlight dramatizing The Boston Globe's Pulitzer-winning coverage of abuse in the Catholic Church and how there are some huge stars behind it, including Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Mark Ruffalo, but I'd rather just leave this trailer explanation to Russell:

The film comes out November 6th.

Queen of Earth

This trailer. Just. Everything about this trailer. So retro, so ridiculous, but also so good. Just watch it. The film comes out August 26th.

We Are Your Friends

I continue to have such a love / hate relationship with this movie in that its trailers have moments of total brilliance but also moments of total sappiness that make me question absolutely everything. I really can't imagine what the final picture looks like, but I'll definitely watch another trailer. We Are Your Friends comes out August 28th.


I don't have the slightest idea what to make of this trailer. But if you like weird things and comedians, maybe you should watch it. It's out November 13th

The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet

The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet seems to have popped out of nowhere and is landing in US theaters today, which doesn't suggest there's much studio confidence behind it. But hey, it's the second English-language film from Amélie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and it's a children's story with all of the whimsical attitude you'd expect from him.

The Knick

Steven Soderbergh's early 1900s medical drama is coming back for a second season, and it appears to be moving to... San Francisco? This first teaser doesn't make it entirely clear what we're in store for, but we're interested to see what Soderbergh is doing next — he's once again directing the entire 10-episode run. The new season starts October 16th.

Black Mass

I don't like this trailer because it plays like the most confused music video ever made, rather than like, I dunno, a trailer for a sweet gangster film. Still, every peek at Johnny Depp explains why people are going to want to see this movie: even though it's easy to get sick of Depp, transformative roles like this remind you why he can be so great to watch. The film comes out September 18th.

Ferrell Takes the Field

HBO seems to really be digging the fake sports documentary. Ferrell Takes the Field is its second this summer, and it appears to be about Will Ferrell having a bizarre career in baseball. It'll be on HBO starting September 12th.

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