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AMC's sci-fi drama Humans is coming back for a second season

AMC's sci-fi drama Humans is coming back for a second season


Another dose of AI anxiety

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Des Willie/Kudos/C4/AMC

AMC and Channel 4 are bringing Humans, their anxious, trans-Atlantic AI drama, back for a second season. The show takes place in a parallel version of suburban London, one where synths — skilled, precise androids almost indistinguishable from humans — have become omnipresent as servants and home assistants. It's part of a wave of smart, stylish sci-fi that's sweeping TV and film, from Channel 4 predecessors like Black Mirror and Utopia to movies like Ex Machina, and it's one of the most accessible recent entries in the genre. There's no word yet on when viewers can expect the second season to air.

Humans hasn't been a huge hit for AMC, but the show was an instant sensation in the UK. It became Channel 4's highest-rated debut drama in over two decades upon its premiere in June, and it's managed to retain much of its audience as its first season has progressed. This could be a surprising outcome for the networks involved in its production — the show's British ratings are buoying its American audience, not the other way around. Either way, enough people around the world are tuning in to give the show a secure future.