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Mixers, turntables, and the best of DJ gear

How can I move the crowd?

In 2015, DJs are at the heart of music, crafting pop hits and critical darlings alike, along with the usual nightclub duties. The simple act of controlling recorded sound is more riveting and more popular than it's ever been, and that popularity has come with surprising technological changes. What started with a simple turntable has become a melange of mixers, MIDI controllers, CDJs and software suites that tie it all together.

On this week's Top Shelf, we explored the gear behind the music, a combination of sound equipment and surprisingly intricate controllers. You'll see what the DJ booth looks like at Verboten, one of Brooklyn's biggest and loudest nightclubs, and then see how DJ Shiftee uses that gear to connect with a crowd, turning those sound clips and triggers into a genuine performance. By the end, you'll know what you need to put on a show of your own, whether it's a friend's party or something a little more demanding.