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Watch the government's terrifying firework safety video and never play with fireworks again

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It’s Fourth of July weekend, and by now, it’s likely that America’s youth has depleted the shelves of every firework store across this great nation. But before you go and get creative with your amateur pyrotechnics, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has a firework safety video it wants you to watch. And oh my god is it terrifying.

The nearly seven-minute long video features numerous mannequins and watermelons that have had the misfortune of standing a little too close to a lit firework or firecracker. The results of their folly? Enflamed clothes, a lost limb, or simply complete annihilation. One poor mannequin has its entire head blown off after staring down a professional display firework.

At the video’s start, CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye says the three main takeaways are simple: never relight a dud, have a source of water handy, and once you’re done with your firework fun, use that water to douse the rockets’ remains. Yet upon watching this video, I may just opt for cowering in fear under my kitchen table this weekend instead.

Giggles aside, firework-related deaths spike this time of year, so be sure to keep the CPSC’s video and tips in mind before conducting your fiery festivities.