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1,776 times American aircraft did something completely badass

1,776 times American aircraft did something completely badass

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Okay, actually, it's only five times — I couldn't resist the "1776" symbolism in the headline. Forgive me.

What you're about to see below are five situations where American aircraft, built from pure, unfiltered freedom and liberty by freedom-loving Americans (and other good people around the world), did something so amazing and incredible that you can basically hear Lee Greenwood's God Bless The USA playing inside your brain as you watch.

First, here is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, assembled in America, showing the right stuff with some American moves as it prepares for the Paris Air Show:

Not American enough for you? Okay, how about the time legendary test pilot Tex Johnston barrel rolled a prototype 707 above Seattle?

"That's pretty American," you're thinking. "But is there something that is even more American out there?"

Yes. The answer is yes.

Sonic booms are wonderful, but nothing says "America" like an F-22 Raptor appearing to break numerous laws of physics. These United States, after all, bow to no law.

And finally, let's hear the tale of the single baddest-ass aircraft ever produced, America's own SR-71 Blackbird.

Those are your shots, America. Here's your chaser. You're welcome.