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This Month in Luxury: NFC-powered bottle service

This Month in Luxury: NFC-powered bottle service


Welcome to Opulence

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Welcome to This Month in Luxury, presented by Micah Singleton, The Verge's resident Luxury Director. In this monthly (or whenever we remember) column, I will take you on a facetious journey of opulence, pointing out one device, artifact, or service an upscale individual such as yourself would take pleasure in experiencing. Let the journey begin.

You are partying at a state of the art nightclub in Beijing. Dom Pérignon and Armand de Brignac are flowing freely in VIP as usual, but your palate is demanding something a bit more exclusive to sip on. Something that's only available in a select few establishments to an even smaller group of patrons. Something a bit more... luxurious.

Enter Rémy Martin.

Remy Martin

The company has partnered with Selinko to create the world's first NFC-connected bottle, called the Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle. A tamper-proof NFC-tag in the cap guarantees the bottle has never been opened before. With the Rémy Martin app, you can scan the bottle upon receipt to confirm its freshness and authenticity, before you even take a sip. I would explain how the NFC works, but it is luxury, and luxury mustn’t be explained. It transcends near field communications.

Worried that opening the bottle yourself wouldn't be de rigueur in the VIP? That won't be a problem, just scan the bottle to confirm its validity and send it back to the waiter to be poured. One should never pour their own bottle service. That's just tacky.

The Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle will be available this fall exclusively in China. Have your assistant plan your trip accordingly.