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Amazon finally has a cloud storage app, but it’s read-only

Amazon finally has a cloud storage app, but it’s read-only


Access your files on the go — but no editing

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Amazon has long offered cloud storage with its Cloud Drive service, but only ever allowed you to manage it on the web or with desktop apps. Now you'll have more control when you're away from your computer, because the company recently released mobile apps for its Cloud Drive service on iOS, Android, and — of course — Amazon's appstore.

The apps are conveniently called "Cloud Drive," and they offer folder views of all of your storage. You can view, share, or link to supported files — PDFs, spreadsheets, images, and more — much like you can with services like Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. You can also stream stored music and videos.

The new apps are like file viewers for your cloud storage

But beyond that, there doesn't appear to be much functionality. There's no ability to automatically sync or even upload files, and you can't edit or move the files you're viewing. For more granular control, you'll still have to use the more purpose-built Amazon apps like Cloud Drive Photos, or Prime Music.

This leaves Amazon's Cloud Drive service feeling pretty fragmented and not very full featured. But if Cloud Drive is anything, it's cheap. Amazon offers plans for unlimited storage of any file ($60 per month) or just photos ($12 per month), both of which beat competitors' prices.