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A Hello Kitty movie is coming

A Hello Kitty movie is coming


The film is scheduled for a global release in 2019

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Bob Levey/Getty Images

Anthropomorphic cartoon cat Hello Kitty will soon star in a Hollywood film, Deadline reports. The movie, set to come out in 2019, will be released through the US subsidiary of Japan's Sanrio lifestyle company.

The plot is anyone's guess, but here's one idea

Plot details for the movie are pretty thin, but presumably there will be friendship, mild adventure, and giggles, at the very least. According to Hello Kitty's Facebook page, she lives in London (who knew?) and collects goldfish (strange). Last year, Hello Kitty's entire identity was flipped around by the assertion that she was not a cat. But she is a cat — she's just not the kind of cat you're used to, and she's a cat who also happens to own a cat. Maybe this movie will finally reveal Hello Kitty to be the solitary, eccentric billionaire we've long suspected her of being.

Sanrio is reportedly also considering making films starring other characters like the goblin-cherubs Little Twin Stars. But for that, we'll have to wait.