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Paul Feig annotates the new Ghostbusters gear to an extreme degree

Sure, the new Ghostbusters' proton pack looks stylish, but have director Paul Feig and company really thought out every detail? Like, where is the Hydrogen Ionization Chamber and Proton injector? What about the Cryogen Reservoir with Convection Shield?

Doing the job of hyper-obsessed fans everywhere, Feig has tweeted a very annotated picture of the Proton Pack image from last week. Let's see if you can guess each piece and its function:

Feig has also been tweeting with the 347 followers-strong "German Ghostbusters" (unofficial) account, and because of @GhostbustersDE, we've got a few behind-the-scenes sketches of the proton packs, so... thank you, Lower Saxony(?). The Ghostbusters reboot — starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth, and now Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh, and Andy Garcia — is scheduled for release July 22nd, 2016.