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Even Lorde wants Victoria back at Reddit

Even Lorde wants Victoria back at Reddit

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Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Ever since Reddit found out its most popular employee had been let go last week, the site and its administrators have faced a maelstrom of criticism from Reddit's most engaged users — and now you can add Lorde to the list of the aggrieved.

The musician came to the defense of Victoria Taylor today on Twitter, saying that "rule #1 in [Reddit's] pr handbook was always VICTORIA STAYS."

It's actually not surprising celebrities are upset about Taylor's departure; for a long time she was both synonymous with the Ask Me Anything section, and was the interface between high-profile guests and Reddit's massive community. Lorde participated in her own AMA back in 2013, joining a huge list of participants including, famously, President Obama.

Reddit still hasn't given a reason for Taylor's severance, but has been in full damage control mode since the site discovered the change last week. Some Reddit users have speculated that Taylor was fired because she opposed measures to commercialize the AMA section, but Reddit CEO Ellen Pao denied those theories. Pao finally apologized to the community yesterday for the company's poor communication with its volunteer moderators, and promised to build better relations.