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Watch 18 minutes of No Man's Sky gameplay: flying, exploring, shooting, and more

We still have no release date for No Man's Sky, Hello Games' massive (and procedurally generated) space exploration title coming to PC and PlayStation 4. In the meantime, however, IGN has published 18 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay footage narrated by its staff and Hello Games' Managing Director Sean Murray.

Much of the footage is similar to what we saw at this past E3, as Murray demonstrates various parts of the game from mining to shooting to flying to getting killed by robotic space police. A couple of key timestamps if you're just looking to hop around:

  • 4:10: Murray is attacked by sentinels and other space police, you can see the various stages of the character's "wanted" level in the top right corner.
  • 10:20: Gameplay footage of the ship flying out of orbit.
  • 14:30: A look at the full galactic map, although the video cuts out before Murray travels to a new destination.

Those looking for insight into a narrative throughline here will probably be disappointed. While the ultimate "goal" is to reach the center of the universe, the idea is that the game caters to exploration and providing enough content for characters to do their own thing. With 18 quintillion worlds, there's a lot to see — and presumably a lot of creatures you can discover and get naming rights to.

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