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Famed Simpsons voice actor Harry Shearer isn’t leaving after all

Harry Shearer, the iconic voice actor who performed some of the biggest characters to appear on The Simpsons, is back on the show following a contract dispute earlier this spring. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shearer will return to The Simpsons after taking the same contract extension that his fellow cast members signed — a two-year deal with the option for two more years following that. Shearer's departure earlier this spring was seen as a huge blow, as the actor performs key characters like Mr. Burns, Kent Brockman, and Ned Flanders.

Showrunner Al Jean had said that those parts would be recast and that the show would go on, but having the man who has voiced those characters for 26 seasons and counting back is a major win for the show. The Simpsons will return for its 27th season this fall.