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Here's the first footage from the new X-Files

Here's the first footage from the new X-Files

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You've seen Mulder and Scully as they'll appear in Fox's upcoming revival of The X-Files, and today the network released the first footage of its "series event." A new video promoting "201 Days of X-Files," a re-airing of the original series ahead of its January return, concludes with a very brief shot of the iconic pair. "I believe that what we're looking for is in the X-Files," Mulder says in a voiceover that's pulled from an old episode. "I'm more certain than ever that the truth is in there." This barely qualifies as a teaser, but keep in mind production on The X-Files is still underway. And even these few precious seconds are enough to send chills running through the show's biggest fans. See you in January.

Correction July 7th 4:20PM ET: The voiceover at the end of Fox's trailer comes from the episode "Paper Clip" and is not from the upcoming series — though the shot of Mulder and Scully is new. (Thanks, Clint.)

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