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Ghostbusters director Paul Feig shows off the new Ecto-1 car

Ghostbusters director Paul Feig shows off the new Ecto-1 car

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Ghostbusters director Paul Feig continues to drip feed pieces of information from the set of the reboot to fans. First Feig provided a German Ghostbusters fan account with a too-detailed breakdown of the movie's proton pack props; now he's showing the world the latest version of the iconic Ecto-1 car. Feig tweeted a picture of the vehicle today, shortly after news came out that the new movie, which features an all-female squad of 'busters, had added The Wire's Michael K. Williams and Andy Garcia to the cast. Neil Casey is reportedly set to play the movie's villain.

The first Ghostbusters' Ecto-1 borrowed the flowing, organic-looking chassis of a 1959 Cadillac Professional. The new vehicle looks boxier than that original, losing the Cadillac's tail fins, but maintaining its side-mounted ladder and array of sirens and lights. A second view, tweeted an hour later after a fan demanded to see the back of the car, shows the Ghostbusters logo and a more muted red-and-white color scheme.

Feig has already faced a minor backlash from fans on Twitter who fear the new Ecto-1 is too different, but as shown by his obsessively detailed proton pack breakdown, the director has certainly pored through old Ghostbusters design documents. The new vehicle even includes a set of antennae — presumably for detecting ghosts to bust — the likes of which were festooned across Dan Ackroyd's early Ecto-1 concept drawings. More of a worry is the pace at which Feig is tweeting out key details from his reboot to try to maintain hype: at this speed, we'll know everything about the movie way before its scheduled premiere in 2016.