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Potbox is the luxury weed delivery service you've been craving

Potbox is the luxury weed delivery service you've been craving


Not your average dime bag

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We've seen quite a few weed delivery services open shop as the US relaxes legislation surrounding the drug, but never has one managed to satisfy the demands of luxury as skillfully as the newly launched Potbox. This monthly subscription service for registered medical marijuana users doesn't just deliver weed, boasts the company's soaring sale pitch, it couriers the "highest quality, most ethically grown... cannabis available" straight to your front door, with strains and blends "curated to meet the patient’s desired experience."

Each strain of weed comes with short tasting notes

Each delivery consists of a quarter-ounce of cannabis in corked bottles (although Potbox insists that it's generous with its servings, and the total weight is eight grams rather than the standard seven). Customers can choose between different strains, and each plant is labelled with information about its genetic heritage as well as some short tasting notes. Are you looking for a smoke with a "creamy zing" or one that offers an "acrid and tangy onion zest"? Either way, Potbox can help you out. The company also includes two pre-rolled joints with each delivery to let customers get straight down to business, with the joints packaged in wax-sealed vials to "ensure maximum freshness." Deliveries are currently available in the San Francisco Bay area (with trials underway in LA), but the company says it's planning to expand "in the near future."

Potbox offers a monthly delivery service straight to your door. (Potbox)

All this luxury comes at a price though. Potbox costs $149.99 per month, which is steep compared to the estimated Californian street price of $60 for a quarter-ounce (according to crowdsourced pot index Price of Weed). Even rival delivery services such as Marvina and The Green Cross are cheaper, with the latter charging customers between $50 and $70 for a quarter-ounce of weed. Potbox says it's going to explore different delivery and quantity options in the future, but at the moment says it's justified in charging higher prices.

In a press statement, Potbox CEO and co-founder Austin Heap says the company "provides a more sophisticated alternative to the various other ‘on-demand’ cannabis delivery services that simply aggregate and deliver whatever inventory is currently available at the local dispensaries." Heap adds that customers can "skip the long dispensary lines, the confusion as to what to buy, any questions about freshness ... and all the other hoops they must jump through in order to receive their medicine." With Potbox, of course, the only hoops you need to jump through are those monthly payments.

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