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Here's a $50,000 typeface designed specifically for Kanye West

Here's a $50,000 typeface designed specifically for Kanye West



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The music and typeface industries have a lot in common. Both deal with rampant piracy. Both see artists having to sell their creations as retail work. Both make Kanye West emotional. I'm assuming Kanye gets emotional about music, at least — he's only explicitly said that about fonts.

Intentional or not, Yeezy Display is a statement on both. Designer Tyler Finck has created a bold, all-caps typeface (KANYE HAS NO TIME FOR LOWER CASE) designed with titles, headlines, and quick one-liners in mind.


In Finck's own words:

"With three contextual alternates per character, each word is as fresh as Yeezy's next album, which should probably use this font. Seriously. That's the goal here. It's stencil-ready, with hard edges, round corners, and enough punctuation/accents for latin-based languages (English, German, Icelandic, whatever). Take a look."

It's also priced for the Yeezus that walks among us, at $50,000 — reportedly the cost of one pre-Pink Friday Nicki Minaj verse — which will go toward paying for Finck's wedding. After all, why pay money for a Luxury type when you can buy a luxury type specifically designed for you?

Scott Kellum contributed to this article.