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Apple's next iPhone will have a Force Touch display, says WSJ

Apple's next iPhone will have a Force Touch display, says WSJ

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the next iPhone, ostensibly known as the iPhone 6S, will include a Force Touch display, similar to the screen currently used on the Apple Watch. This report backs up an earlier 9to5Mac report from May.

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A Force Touch screen would introduce a new interaction to the iPhone's experience, letting developers add additional menus or options that become accessible when a user presses harder on the display. It is different from a standard tap or long press action, which are differentiated by how long the finger is on the screen, not how hard it is pressing down.

Another color option might also be in the works

The Wall Street Journal also cites sources claiming that Apple could add another color to the lineup for this year's refresh, augmenting the current grey, silver, and gold options. Screen resolution and size are reportedly staying the same.

After last year's significant design refresh, it would not be out of character for Apple to use the same design for this year's phone while upgrading the internals and software. Apple has also traditionally upgraded the camera for its S models, but The Wall Street Journal did not report any advancements on that front. The next iPhone is expected to be announced in September.

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