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All trading halted on New York Stock Exchange following 'technical issues'

All trading halted on New York Stock Exchange following 'technical issues'


Where is John McClane when you need him?

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The New York Stock Exchange has had a bumpy day, according to Art Cashin, director of floor operations at the NYSE. Following technical issues with connectivity, the NYSE halted all trades, prompting a collective freakout on Twitter. Following the software glitch that grounded United Airlines flights this morning, the shutdown prompted fears of a broader bug or cyberattack. The department of Homeland Security was quick to issue a statement, however, saying there was "no indication" the outages were related or that a cyberattack was behind any of the problems.

Contributing to the mood of panic in the financial community, the website of The Wall Street Journal went down shortly after the NYSE. But so far the details on these issues have pointed to rather mundane causes.

The exchange has been down for roughly 45 minutes at this point. In the meantime, NYSE rival NASDAQ continues to operate normally and is trading NYSE listed companies.

And while Skynet has been the butt of jokes about the outage, the best fictional parallel is actually Live Free or Die Hard.

The NYSE has now backed up Homeland Security's assertion that this is not a cyber attack.

And it's back!