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Hulu pays record-breaking $192 million to keep South Park through 2019

Four more years. South Park will continue for at least four more years. Comedy Central says it's reached a deal with creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to keep the show going through 2019 — both on TV and online exclusively via Hulu.

That means South Park will pass the 300-episode mark before the end of its 23rd season. It also means, as Comedy Central notes, that South Park will officially become the longest-running scripted primetime series on cable, animated or otherwise (all those caveats are important; it seems the longest-running scripted cable series not on primetime might be Power Rangers).

As for streaming, Hulu will pay $192 million to continue being the exclusive streaming service. It's the biggest deal yet for Hulu, according to The Hollywood Reporter, passing the $160 million it paid for Seinfeld.

It's very likely the show will continue past 2019, too. In a recent interview with IGN, Stone said, "We won't stop until we get canceled." The 19th season of South Park — which doubles as a realization for how long I've been alive now, wow — begins September 16th.