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A separate album for screenshots might be the best surprise feature of iOS 9

I take a lot of screenshots with my iPhone. Sometimes it's easier than trying to copy-and-paste large blocks of text — it's certainly quicker. It's also confused the hell out of my Google Photos album, given that screenshots make up probably 70 percent of my collection.

Update: Read the iOS 9 review.

It looks like my (secular) prayers have been answered. With iOS 9 beta 3 out today, several developers have taken to Twitter to call out what might be iOS 9's best new feature — a separate folder for screenshots.

There's also a folder for selfies as well, but it's not clear if there's any special detection going on or if it's just "pictures taken from the front-facing camera (because why else would you use it except for selfies)."

There's no guarantee that this will make the final, official iOS 9 release, but I hope the addition is permanent — we've tried third-party solutions before, but something built-in would be decidedly cleaner. A public beta is expected later this month, and I know it's probably ill-advised to put beta software on my main device, but dammit, I need this.

I think our social media guru Sam Sheffer needs it, too. Here's yesterday before the release:

And here's today:

Settle down, Sam.

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