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Microsoft's latest HoloLens demo is more realistic about its limitations

Microsoft's latest HoloLens demo is more realistic about its limitations

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Microsoft revealed at E3 that the field of view for its HoloLens headset isn’t likely to get much better. It’s been a sticking point of the otherwise impressive headset, and it appears that Microsoft is now being more realistic about the limitations. In a new video released today, Microsoft provides another look at how HoloLens might be used in the real world at a university. It’s an interesting look at how students could learn anatomy with HoloLens, and it's a lot more immersive than textbooks or computer screens.

Throughout the demo, Microsoft shows several examples of the HoloLens headset from the user's point of view. One particular part (1 minute, 24 seconds) clearly shows the field of view where you can see and interact with holograms and clipping that occurs. In my own personal experience with recent versions of the headset, this video demo is a more accurate representation of how HoloLens works, rather than some of the demonstrations that show holograms all around you.

HoloLens field of view GIF

While today’s demo gives a glimpse at how the future of HoloLens might progress, Microsoft is offering grants to researchers to figure out some more impressive uses for HoloLens. The software maker intends to reward five groups with $100,000 and a pair of the augmented reality HoloLens development kits. Microsoft plans to reveal its grant winners in October.

E3 2015: HoloLens demo