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Verge ESP: Space telescopes, Channing Tatum, and neuroscientist Jeffrey Zacks

Notes on looking (at space and male strippers)

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NASA/Getty Images

When we started Verge ESP, one of our goals was to be able to look at art through a science lens whenever possible, and this week's guest, neuroscientist Jeffrey Zacks, is a perfect example of that. He and Liz have a fascinating conversation about what your brain is doing, exactly, when you're watching a movie — how do we know what a cut is? How are we able to read film grammar?

Before that, however, we chat about the joys of Magic Mike XXL (which ties with Mad Max: Fury Road for most female-friendly movie of the summer) and a successor to the successor of the Hubble Telescope — soon we'll be getting as up-close of a look at exoplanets as we got of Channing Tatum's six pack. Plus, a preview of the new Verge Review of Animals: are jellyfish cool or nah? The answer to this question and more await you in this week's edition of Verge ESP.

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