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Listen to the incredible sound of a supercar accelerating past a world record

The most shocking thing about watching from the passenger seat of a car going from zero to 300 kilometers an hour (186 mph) isn't the sight of the world whipping by at a frightening rate — it's the sound. Koenigsegg first broke the record for the time taken to accelerate to such a speed and come to a stop again back in June, cranking its Koenigsegg One:1 "megacar" to 300 kph and back down to zero in 17.95 seconds, but the video of the Swedish supercar manufacturer's feat was overlaid with trancey synth pop that stopped us being able to hear the engine. A few days later Koenigsegg released a new version of the video, an appropriately titled "Full-noise edition," that lets us hear every sound from inside the car.

And an impressive sound it is too. The One:1's 5-liter V8 dual-turbo engine bucks and wails as it rips through gear changes, making it sound like an unholy combination of something you'd drive in a Formula 1 race and a muscle car, high-pitched top end joined by a throaty roar that cuts out for milliseconds between transmission shifts. Koenigsegg's One:1 is so named for its parity between power output and weight — it's capable of 1,360 PS (the German measurement for horsepower), offsetting its lightweight 1,360-kilogram (2,998-pound) construction.