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You can now react to any message in Slack with an emoji of your choosing

You can now react to any message in Slack with an emoji of your choosing


Put a bird on it

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Workplace chat phenomenon Slack today is adding a feature that fans of picture-based communication will find totally :thumbsup: — the ability to react to any message with one of 722 emoji. An update to the app today takes the notion of "liking" or "favoriting" a message and expands the possibilities exponentially.

Previously, you were able to star a message to help you find it later — but the message’s author was never informed of the act. Now when you mouse over or tap on a message, you’ll have the ability to react with a star or any other emoji, and the author will get a notification in their mentions tab. All the emoji posted to a message pop up underneath them, along with a counter to show you how many people feel the same way you do.

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In a blog post, Slack shows off a variety of creative uses for emoji reactions: greeting new teammates, quick office polls, or even signaling that you’ve completed a task by posting a checkmark to a teammate’s request. To make your emoji of choice easier to find, Slack also redesigned its already non-standard emoji picker, grouping them into different categories and putting your most frequently used pictographs up top.

All of this emoji nonsense enables just enough utility to justify the labors of its software engineers, though in practice it seems likely to ramp up the workplace goofing off that is among Slack’s chief byproducts. Mainstream workplace larping has advanced to the next stage.

Tell your co-workers. Post it in Slack. Put a bird on it. Or a poop. This is your adulthood.