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Xbox Music for iOS and Android now streams songs from OneDrive for free

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Microsoft updated Xbox Music on Windows to play songs stored on OneDrive back in March, and today the company is refreshing its iOS and Android apps with the same feature. While Xbox Music is being renamed to Groove, today’s updates do not include the new branding. However, the new update does bring the ability to use Xbox Music on iOS or Android without a subscription. You can now upload a collection of MP3s to OneDrive and stream them to the mobile apps like a music locker service without having to pay any fees.

You’ll still need an Xbox Music Pass (Groove Music Pass) to stream songs you don’t own, but it makes the app a lot more useful for those without a subscription. You can also download the songs you’ve stored in OneDrive to make them available for offline use. While there’s a number of bug fixes included in both the Android and iOS versions, the iOS client still appears to crash regularly. Microsoft will hopefully address that problem and its Groove branding in a future update soon.