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Stream Ratatat's stadium rock lullaby album, Magnifique

Stream Ratatat's stadium rock lullaby album, Magnifique


It's out on July 17th via XL Recordings

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It's been five years since Ratatat dropped their last release, LP4 — an album that was about as exciting as its name. But the Brooklyn-based duo have had some time to level out since then, and maybe their newest LP, Magnifique, will live up to its title.

The album, streaming now on NPR, is more subdued than Ratatat's earlier work, with the flaming electronic guitar sounds toned down to a more gentle post-party burble. It's a lengthy exercise in intertwined instrumentals — the entire LP sounds like its composed of synthetic sounds gently smashing into each other. Ratatat has yet to live up to its spackled and Spandex'd self-titled debut in 2004, but Magnifique might just be the evolution the band needs.

(Head's up: the stream may not work for some listeners outside the US).