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YouTube star's recreation of Jurassic World trailer more entertaining than Jurassic World

A parody that is everything Jurassic World isn't

Jurassic World is the most cynical, self-loathing blockbuster I've ever seen. It's the only movie I know of that features a character that complains about the premise of the film in which he appears, and gripes about the creative environment that would green-light such an idea. It's what happens when talented artists are incentivized to create the most sterile, market-tested board room pitch into two-or-so hours of dinosaur murder porn. If there's one positive takeaway from this film that will inspire countless other cynical sequels and wannabes, it's this shot-for-shot recreation of the trailer by Korean YouTube personality Hozzah2.

The trailer parody has everything Jurassic World lacks: personality, heart, and a sense of humor. It's also only two and a half minutes long, and won't reshape Hollywood in its image — not that a Hollywood reimagined through the eyes of this video would be the worst thing.

Here are some of our favorite moments as GIFs:

korean jurassic world1

korean jurassic world2

korean jurassic world3

korean jurassic world4

korean jurassic world9