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Windows 10 testers can now access Microsoft's new Wi-Fi service

Microsoft is making its Wi-Fi service for Windows 10 official today. We’d heard the company was working on the service, but now Windows 10 testers will have access to try it out using the latest 10166 build. Microsoft Wi-Fi works by providing Windows 10 users the ability to purchase access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots through the Windows Store. A "Buy Wi-Fi from Windows Store" network will appear when you’re at a hotspot that supports the feature, and you can pay through debit / credit cards, PayPal, carrier billing, and Microsoft gift cards.

"Right now, we’re testing this experience out in Seattle but it’ll soon open up to the rest of the US," explains Microsoft’s Gabe Aul. Microsoft is also planning to roll out apps for iOS, Android, and OS X for its Wi-Fi service. A Microsoft Wi-Fi website previously revealed that the company will also supply access to Skype Wi-Fi subscribers and Office 365 Enterprise customers as part of their subscriptions.

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