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Ben Affleck may direct, write, and star in his own Batman movie

Ben Affleck may direct, write, and star in his own Batman movie

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We're expecting to hear a lot about the plans Warner Bros. has for the DC movie universe at Comic-Con this week, and a movie from Ben Affleck the director may be part of it. Deadline is reporting that Affleck will co-write, direct, and star in a new stand-alone Batman movie that will take place after the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League films.

His creative partner in the project is said to be Geoff Johns, a comic and TV writer that also serves as DC's chief creative officer. Johns has worked on everything from The Flash and Arrow television shows to Batman: Arkham Knight. Given his vast knowledge of the DC universe, he would seem to be an ideal parter to help map the world of DC's comics into film, much like Kevin Feige has had the knowledge and geek credibility to oversee Marvel's cinematic world.

According to the report, the film will be shooting after Affleck finishes directing his next film Live By Night — and if Warner Bros. and DC want to make an even bigger splash with this news, Saturday's Comic-Con panel would be a perfect time to announce it.

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