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Watch two cosmonauts perform a six-hour spacewalk today

Washing windows 250 miles above the Earth

Two Russian cosmonauts will exit the International Space Station today for a spacewalk that will last more than six hours. Coverage begins at 9:45AM ET, and can be seen above.

Commander Gennady Padalka and flight engineer Mikhail Kornienko will exit the airlock at 10:14AM ET, and get right to work attaching new equipment to the Russian segment of the ISS. They're also scheduled to clean the windows of the Zvezda Service Module, which houses some of the living quarters. Once all that's done the pair will perform a routine photographic inspection of the exterior of the ISS, looking for damage and other things that may be amiss.

Yes, there are chores in space

This will be the 188th spacewalk since assembly of the space station was started in 1998. It's the second spacewalk for Kornienko (who is in the middle of a one-year mission aboard the space station) and the 10th for Padalka. Padalka has spent 847 days in space since 1998, a solar system record.

Correction: This article originally stated Gennady Padalka has spent 847 days in space since 2005. His first trip to space was in 1998.