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Snapchat has a new feature to stop you from wasting data

Snapchat has a new feature to stop you from wasting data


Hello Travel Mode

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Has Snapchat been eating up your mobile data each month? You can finally put a stop to that: in an update being released today for iOS and Android, Snapchat includes an important new feature called Travel Mode: turning it on will prevent snaps (Discover, Live Stories, and friends' updates) from automatically downloading, saving you from hitting a data cap or receiving that troubling text message from Mom or Dad with a warning that you've gone over your monthly allowance. When Travel Mode is enabled, all snaps have to be tapped to load. It's probably worth turning on — plenty of users have noticed that the app hogs a significant amount of data, particularly since Discover rolled out in January.

A few other new features come with today's update, too. Snapchat's allowing you to be even more creative with a feature it calls Sticker Picker: you can now slap an endless number emoji anywhere on your snaps — no longer are they restricted to being on a line of text. There's now an icon on the top right of the camera screen (after you've taken a photo or video) where you pick from the traditional emoji we're all familiar with — no special Snapchat ones yet. Stick your hearts out, teens.

Get your data back

Today's update will also let users export their customized Snapcodes (or BooR codes as we like to call them) as a video file — something we wanted to see in the last major update. And since the BooR code exports as a video file, you can share it as such on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other places you want to let people know you're on Snapchat. The option to export a single frame still exists, but you can just as easily screenshot the video and choose the specific frame you want to share.

And lastly — this one is for the more data-obsessive — tapping the eye icon next to the number of views on your snap will now bring up the list of viewers. Before today's update, tapping anywhere on one of your stories started playing the snap, and you had to take an extra step to see who viewed it.

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