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Bill Nye film is now the most funded documentary on Kickstarter

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Bill Nye has helped set a new record on Kickstarter. A campaign to fund a documentary profiling Nye and his ongoing work in science has met its goal and pushed on to become the most funded documentary in the site's history. The campaign has currently raised around $687,000 — just slightly above the nearly $663,000 that Leonard Nimoy's son recently raised to make a documentary about Spock. That means it hasn't exactly shattered the record, but it still has three days of funding to go, possibly setting more distance from the former record holder.

The campaign comes from a pair of filmmakers who have partnered with Nye to tell his story. They plan on using the money raised on Kickstarter to follow him around as he promotes science and advocates for sound policy; they'll also be using the money to license footage from Nye's old shows — The Science Guy included, of course. If you feel like supporting the campaign, you can get a Twitter shout out, a DVD, or even a flask... not the scientific kind.