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HBO's Silicon Valley made a guest appearance in Google’s Alphabet letter

Larry Page clearly had a little bit of fun in penning his announcement for Alphabet, Google's new parent company. Buried as an Easter egg deep in the letter is a link to, a clear reference to Google-alike company Hooli from HBO's Silicon Valley.

Look for the link hidden in a period in the highlighted text below:


The joke is wonderfully meta; the Alphabet site shares the same .xyz domain with Hooli XYZ, Hooli's so-called "moonshot division." It's fitting then that the link to can be found after Page mention's Alphabet's own moonshoot division, the X lab, which is currently working on drone delivery. That at least sounds like it's a good ways ahead of what Hooli had accomplished, however. The last semi-working prototype that company's skunkworks lab managed to show off was a broken potato cannon. Poor Big Head.

Yet another funny part of all this? Using hidden links is actually against Google's Terms of Service. Oh well!