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Google's new parent company Alphabet does not own @alphabet or

Google's new parent company Alphabet does not own @alphabet or

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Google — erm, Alphabet — just broke a cardinal rule: "If you have a US startup called X and you don't have, you should probably change your name."

Alphabet, the company that now owns Google, which was previously known as Google and currently run by Google's co-founders, is missing a few key pieces of its online presence.

Meet Chris Andrikanich — "Dad. Husband. Self-proclaimed geek who fires off regular gibberish, gobbledygook about sports, tech, CLE, and whatever..." — who also happens to use the @alphabet handle on Twitter:

Then there's @alphabetinc,

As for, that's the home of Alphabet Fleet Management, a BMW subsidiary:

Alphabet Fleet Management also own For now, at least. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Alphabet at As of this writing, does not exist and is still about the TV channel (though, bizarrely, has always redirected to

Update: ... and now redirects to Bing, but something tells us that's not Microsoft's doing — which is to say, on WHOIS it's registered to a New Zealand address (via ಠ_ಠ).

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