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OnePlus 2 shipments delayed until late August for US customers

Canadian customers are in the same, delayed boat

OnePlus has announced a shipping delay of two to three weeks for customers buying the new OnePlus 2 in America and Canada. The smartphone is still available to purchase (starting today) for those with an invitation, but North American customers shouldn't expect to receive their handsets until late August, OnePlus told The Verge. The OnePlus 2 was originally expected to ship to US and Canadian customers one week after Europe, but the company says changes to the phone's "production schedules" mean it'll now go out two to three weeks later instead. As with OnePlus' previous handset, the OnePlus 2 offers high-end specs for a relatively low price of $329. Although, with features like a fingerprint sensor, a textured, grippy back, and a three-way switch to toggle between notification settings, it's fair to say that the OnePlus 2 is more than just fast and cheap.