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There is nothing more purple than McLaren's 'Mauvine Blue' 570S supercar

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Earlier this week, McLaren laid out its plans for this weekend's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance — one of the most opulent, indulgent celebrations of fancy cars on the planet — and one car in particular caught my eye. What you're looking at here is a McLaren Special Operations (MSO) 570S customized with "Mauvine Blue" paint. (MSO is the division of McLaren that specializes in all of the company's coolest activities: taking care of aging F1s, making bespoke vehicles to customers' specifications, and maintaining hardcore P1 GTRs on behalf of ultra-wealthy racing fans, as Ferrari does with the FXX K.)

I'm not sure I'd describe this as a shade of blue, though, because it's definitely purple. There's a possibility that the car's unique paint doesn't translate well in photos and you've just got to see it in person, but there really isn't any debate from the press shots alone — this is about as purple as it gets, rivaled only by the Dodge Challenger's "Plum Crazy." And clearly, the 570S is no Challenger.

If you're lucky enough to be near Pebble Beach this weekend, be sure to check this thing out, along with McLaren's other cars; there'll be an F1 GTR on display, a rare and prized monster of a racing machine on loan from BMW North America (BMW manufactured the F1's engines and sponsored the team).

Purple probably isn't my first choice, but McLaren sure knows how to make it look good.

McLaren 570S in Mauvine Blue