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Rite Aid will accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet starting August 15th

After stubbornly blocking mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet last year, Rite Aid is reversing course and says it will accept them beginning August 15th. The company also plans to support Android Pay when Google formally rolls that out. "By accepting mobile payments, we’re able to offer Rite Aid customers an easy and convenient checkout process, which we know is important to them," said Ken Martindale, Rite Aid's CEO.

Rite Aid was among the retailers who initially shut out Apple Pay in hopes that CurrentC, a mobile wallet developed by a consortium of retailers, would rise to become a formidable alternative to Apple's service. But many of CurrentC's biggest backers, most notably Best Buy, have recently come around and embraced Apple Pay. Now Rite Aid is joining that wave, and the trend leaves CurrentC in a perilous spot.