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FCC issues largest robocalling fine ever against travel marketer

FCC issues largest robocalling fine ever against travel marketer

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Federal Communications Commission's crackdown on spammy callers continues with the announcement of its largest fine ever for violating robocall rules. The commission is fining Travel Club Marketing a total of $2.96 million for making 185 unsolicited calls to cell phones and landlines belonging to 142 people, most of whom were on the Do Not Call list. "It is unacceptable to invade consumers’ privacy by bombarding them with unwanted and intrusive robocalls," says Travis LeBlanc, chief of the commission's Enforcement Bureau. "All companies, and their owners, who thwart the Do Not Call list should expect to face severe consequences."

Travel Club's fine doesn't set the record by all that much — last year, a $2.9 million fine was proposed against a company that made 184 unsolicited robocalls — but it continues the commission's work to stop annoying, unwanted messages. In June, the commission passed strengthened rules that are supposed to close loopholes and give consumers easier ways of opting out of call lists that their names might have ended up on. The new rules also allow phone service providers to start offering robocall blocking services, which could get consumers a step closer not receiving any unwanted calls.